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Okkadu Migiladu (2017)

Genres: Action,
Release Date: 6th October 2017
Runtime: Mins
Storyline: The intense war drama setup In the Srilanka and there fight for survival.Okkadu Migiladu’ is the story of displaced Sri Lankan Tamilians who find themselves stuck with the tag of ‘refugees’ all their lives. The mistreatment they face both in India and Sri Lanka, with either country refusing to accept them as their own, forms the crux of the story.The plight of Sri Lankan Tamils is one that many in our country know, but don’t acknowledge. The director’s choice to not hold back from showing the atrocities they face in gory, bloody detail, deserves appreciation. The film leaves one pondering if it could not have been told in a better manner. While the subject of the film is strong, the screenplay, direction and cinematography are a major let down. The camera work for the film and direction aim to convey the chaos and urgency of the situations on screen, but somehow, it fails to translate it well.Okkadu Migiladu begins in India with students staging a protest condemning the assault and death of three young women. Two of them are refugees and this gives the offenders an added sense of power. Surya (Manchu Manoj) leads the student struggle only to be whisked away by police under the orders of a politician (Milind Gunaji, hamming his way through the role). Surya’s unbreakable spirit stems from his family’s past, traced back to Sri Lanka.సినిమా అనేది వినోద ప్రధానంగా ఉండాలంటారు చాలామంది. అలాగని అందులో వేరే ఎమోషన్లు ఉండొద్దని కాదు. అవసరానికి తగ్గట్లు యాక్షన్ చూపించొచ్చు. సెంటిమెంటూ పండించొచ్చు. కానీ ఏవైనా కథలో మిళితమై ఉండాలి. ప్రేక్షకుడికి కనెక్టవ్వాలి. వీటిలో ఏది డోస్ ఎక్కువైనా కష్టమే. కానీ ‘ఒక్కడు మిగిలాడు’లో ఈ రెండూ హద్దులు దాటిపోయాయి. ఈ సినిమాలో ఉన్నదల్లా యాక్షన్ అండ్ సెంటిమెంటే. దర్శకుడు అజయ్ నూతక్కి ఉద్దేశాలు మంచివే కావచ్చు. అతను ఒక జాతి పోరాటాన్ని.. వారి కష్టాల్ని చూపించాలని అనుకున్నాడు. కానీ అతను ఈ విషయాల్ని లోతుగా చూపించడంలో విజయవంతం కాలేకపోయాడు.Some portions have the scope to leave viewers moved — like the clash between rebel leaders and the army; the small group of refugees on a boat that’s meandering off-route, away from the Indian coast. The boat journey presents us with a day-to-day account of the group’s struggle for survival and makes a case for the value of life. But then, this portion is needlessly stretched. At one point, from the boat in the middle of nowhere on the ocean, one of the characters screams to Nature and its forces for help. Someone in the audience makes a snarky comment about having to be rescued from the film. The comment might be insensitive, but it’s enough to emphasise how an indulgent, melodramatic narrative can defeat the film’s purpose. The intense war drama setup In the Srilanka and there fight for survival. Info From ImDb
Okkadu Migiladu (2017)

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